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BI Tool Implementation

We help companies implement the BI applications that focus the right tools on the right users. In the typical organization, more than 75% of users only require dashboards and standard reporting. Pushing ad-hoc, multidimensional analysis or data mining tools on that constituency can serve to alienate the majority of your customers. We help companies not only ‘operationalize’ BI, but also leverage the more advanced tools only in the areas that require that functionality. In addition, we configure the tools for optimal performance and focus on developing standards that ensure a consistent user experience across your organization.

BI Tool Customization
In concert with helping organizations strategically rollout BI tools, we also focus on customizing the application to expose metadata to the users and customize the interface. Without context, data is simply data. For almost all BI users, the only exposure to the data is through reports and analysis. Why spend time collecting and organizing your metadata if you’re not going to expose it to the users where it matters most…in the BI applications.
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